G4beamline Download - Survey

In order to justify funding for continued G4beamline support, we need to know how many users are using G4beamline, what they are doing with it, and how much time and effort they have devoted to using the program. So before downloading G4beamline, please take a minute or two to answer our survey. (The website keeps track of your email and when you answered the survey, and won't ask again for a year.)

Your name:
Your email:
Your affiliation
(institution or group):
Approximately how many years have you been using G4beamline: Decimal, at most 1 digit after the decimal point ("2.5").
Over that period, estimate what percentage of your time has involved G4beamline. Include all design and analysis for which G4beamline was an essential tool. This should be a broad-brush estimate; don't spend much effort on it. 
Percent: Integer, 0 to 100.

How are you using G4beamline (or how do you intend to use it)? What projects are you using it for? 

Please enter any comments you have. Testimonials can be useful in justifying future support. This is not a place to request new features. 

Thank you for contributing to our survey. Push the Submit button to submit your answers and go to the download page, where you can download any number of G4beamline distributions.