tune is a program to apply the MINUIT minimization engine to an arbitrary script (shell, tcl, perl, etc.). Works well with g4beamline to optimize beamline parameters for maximum transmission of particles.

NOTE: This is an older program, and gminuit is much more flexible and usable.

This distribution includes both the complete source (including MINUIT), and a binary executable for Linux (should run on any reasonably modern flavor of Linux, as it is statically linked).

The MINUIT manual is included in the tarball as MinuitManual.pdf.

Download and Installation

Download the tarball tune-1.0.tgz(external link) and un-tar it in a suitable place:
	tar -xzf tune-1.0.tgz
It unpacks into a directory named tune-1.0. On a Linux system you should be able to execute the program:
	cd tune-1.0
	./tune example.in
On other systems, follow the directions in INSTALL (which is from c-minuit) to compile c-minuit. The Makefiles have been modified to compile tune instead of the c-minuit test program "m-test".

Run the program without arguments, or read the README file for a description of how to use tune, and what the input file format is.