Computer Programs         Programs developed and used at Muons, Inc.
All programs listed here are freely available under the Gnu Public License(external link).

G4beamline is our primary simulation program, used for single-particle beamline simulations. The other programs are small tools we have written to compliment G4beamline's simulation capabilities. They are useful for viewing data and optimizing beamline designs.

G4beamlineA "Swiss Army Knife" for Geant4, optimized for simulating beamlines.
AllPlotA user-friendly plotting package for Python3. Works well with G4beamline.
HistoRootA user-friendly histogramming package for Root. Deprecated.
gminuitA program to graphically control the MINUIT minimization engine on an arbitrary script (shell, tcl, perl, etc.). Makes it easy to manually scan the parameter space, and to fit various subsets of the parameters. Includes graphical output when fitting to a datafile. Significantly more user friendly and flexible than tune below.
tuneA program to apply the MINUIT minimization engine to an arbitrary script (shell, tcl, perl, etc.). Works well with g4beamline to optimize beamline parameters for maximum transmission of particles. A precursor to gminuit above.