G4beamline Survey Results, Oct. 2013

By: Tom Roberts  On: 07-Oct.-2013 15:46 CDT  (4761 Reads)
In February 2013 a survey was added to the g4beamline.muonsinc.com download page. Between February and October 2013, G4beamline was downloaded 386 times, and users have self-reported 16.9 FTE-years of usage.
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G4beamline User Survey, Jan 2013

By: Tom Roberts  On: 23-Jan.-2013 11:50 CST  (4000 Reads)
A survey was emailed to as many G4beamline users as possible. Total usage was estimated by the user community to be 56 FTE-years, with the average user or group having used the program for 3.1 years.

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Please take the G4beamline survey

By: Tom Roberts  On: 18-Jan.-2013 13:57 CST  (4046 Reads)
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HistoRoot is available separately

By: Tom Roberts  On: 03-Aug.-2012 11:19 CDT  (4229 Reads)
The HistoRoot program is a user-friendly histogram package for Root(external link).
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G4beamline can make movies

By: Tom Roberts  On: 03-Aug.-2012 10:57 CDT  (4941 Reads)
G4beamline now supports the making of movies

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G4beamline Tutorial

By: Tom Roberts  On: 03-Aug.-2012 10:51 CDT  (7009 Reads)
The G4beamline Tutorial given at the LEMC workshop (2008) was videotaped.
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Video of Simple Example

By: Tom Roberts  On: 03-Aug.-2012 10:47 CDT  (5097 Reads)
Click here(external link) for a Flash video of using G4beamline for a simple example.

G4beamline 2.12 is released

By: Tom Roberts  On: 03-Aug.-2012 10:39 CDT  (4028 Reads)
G4beamline release 2.12 is now released.
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