In January 2013 we asked users of G4beamline to respond to a survey. We will use the information received to justify further funding of G4beamline support. If you use G4beamline and have not responded to our survey, please do so:
  • cut-and-paste this article into a new email message
  • answer the questions of the survey
  • send the email to me, Tom Roberts: tjrob AT muonsinc DOT com

If you are not using G4beamline, please ignore this message.

We are at risk of losing funding to continue to support G4beamline.

Muons, Inc. is under tremendous pressure to document the
"commercialization" of our products, and one aspect of that is users
of G4beamline. Documenting the many users of G4beamline will be a strong
argument for continued funding. The argument is MUCH stronger if we
can include estimates of actual usage, so please take a few minutes to
fill out this questionnaire:

1) Enter your name (leave blank if you wish to remain anonymous):

2) If you work in a group or on an experiment, please identify it:

3) May we use your name and possibly a quotation from your response
(with attribution)? (If no, your response will only contribute to
the aggregation of all responses.)

4) Please estimate how much time you have spent using G4beamline.
Include all design and analysis for which G4beamline was an essential
tool. This should be a broad-brush estimate; don't spend much effort
on it. Some people spend just a few hours; others have used it for
more than a year. Indicate if this is for yourself, or total for the
above group.

5) Please give a BRIEF statement of how you are using G4beamline, and
how important G4beamline is in your efforts.

6) Answer yes to any of the following that apply:
a) my/our usage of G4beamline is for a funded project

b) my/our usage of G4beamline is in preparing for a proposal

c) my/our usage of G4beamline is for an educational exercise,
or just learning about the program

7) How long have you been using G4beamline?

8) Have you any suggestions for improvements?

9) Would you be interested in a regular newsletter about improvements
in progress and additional info?

10) Would you be interested in attending an annual G4beamline Users
Meeting held via the web (i.e. via WebEx or similar)?

11) Any additional comments:

I will aggregate all responses, and may include quotes (with attribution)
unless you said no to (3) above. Results will not be sent via this large
email list, but will be made available on .

Thank you,

Tom Roberts